– En barndomsdrøm som gikk i oppfyllelse!

– En barndomsdrøm som gikk i oppfyllelse!

Januar 21, 2021
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Kristin Roset

Sebastian Foss Solevåg drove down to victory during Sunday’s slalom race (January 17) in Flachau, Austria. The 29-year-old led clearly after the first half and kept his head cool in the second half. He has several times this season fought all the way to the top after the first round, but did not quite make it to the final round. Finally it succeeds. We talked to the boy from Spjelkavik.

– The World Cup victory was incredible, and a childhood dream that has come true. I knew I had it in me if I got to two good innings, so I had a hope that it would one day work.

And it did – at times.

When asked if Sebastian’s next goals are, he says.

– The next goal is to continue the driving that I show now, then I will see how far it will go when the season is over. The most important thing for me is that the driving I am showing now is a long-term driving, and not something short-lived.

What is it like to be an athlete in these corona times?

– We have been very lucky to have a fantastic support system both on the national team, and on the Olympic Cup which has been day and night so that we will train properly. We have had to adapt a lot, but it has worked well! We have never been trained so much both on skis and physically, so all the best to them. The only thing that has been the big difference is the social when the training sessions are over, – that we could not meet other friends so much. We have therefore been in the «ski bubble» for a long time, so to speak.

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